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Clark Kent (35)
Grew up in Kansas; majored in journalism and philosophy while I studied abroad, working my way around the world; ended up in Metropolis where I took a job at the Daily Planet. Big Monarchs fan!


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A little bird whispered your name in my ear.
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What? No ✓ in return? Don't leave a girl in suspense.
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I like you already. I'm Ariadne. Ari for short. And I understand you are privy to the high secrets of this box they call a microwave.
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The pleasure is entirely mine, Clark. Microwaves. Stoves. General supply for tack and sundries? Any assistance you could offer, I would be grateful to receive. I have coin.
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Ah, that would be revealing my sources. I'm free any time this week. I literally stepped off the transport yesterday. I just got my permanent quarters today.
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I'm attaching my contact information. You pick the place and I'll meet you. I'm already looking forward to it, Clark.
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Send me the details. I'll meet you there at noon of the clock?